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Trusts & Estates

Staub Anderson lawyers understand that building relationships is the key to providing great legal service. We are sensitive to the personal nature of estate planning, and estate and trust administration (including probate court proceedings). We are committed to addressing the concerns of our clients, regardless of how unique those concerns may be.

Our firm is comfortable representing clients with modest or sophisticated estate planning needs. Our estate planning, business and tax expertise lends itself well to properly planning for the distribution of assets to future generations in a manner that minimizes taxes and administration expenses.

Effective administration is a crucial component of estate and trust planning. Staub Anderson’s broad experience gives us a solid perspective for administering estates upon death. Our lawyers have the expertise and personalities that allow them to be trusted during difficult and emotionally difficult times to ensure the efficient and orderly administration of estates and trusts.

A valuable skill in the estate administration practice area is the ability to handle litigation matters when they arise. This may occur when there is disagreement regarding how an estate is being administered or if there is disagreement regarding the interpretation of a plan. Staub Anderson lawyers are experienced in handling such litigation matters and ready to act when the need arises.