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Buyouts & Dissolution

Experienced Business Attorneys When It’s Time For A Change

A necessary change in your business can be a big surprise or a long-anticipated step. In either case, you want to turn to a firm that understands your needs and gives your problems the full attention they deserve.

At Staub Anderson, our attorneys have extensive experience with a host of highly sensitive business issues for clients across Chicago. In this area of the law, we provide personal attention to those seeking to either close their doors or remove a partner. These are very different areas and require a nuanced set of skills.

Working Through A Business Divorce

As business disputes go, nothing is more high stakes and disruptive than a business divorce. Buying out a partner combines the economic stress of a business upheaval with the very painful stress of ending a personal relationship.

Much of this process will be governed, naturally, by whatever buy-out processes you had in your original partnership agreement. However, not every company has that luxury, and even those that do can find themselves in court.

Our attorneys can stand with you through the often-frustrating process of buying out another partner or negotiating their own buyout.

When It Is Time To Close The Doors

It’s hard to know when your business is going to close. Some are fortunate enough to know that they get to choose their moment, while others have to reckon with the difficulties of the market. Whatever the reason for your business closing, we can help.

We are experienced business attorneys who can walk you through each of the necessary steps for dissolution. We understand Illinois’ law in these matters and can help you make the next step as painless as possible for you.

Get The Help You Deserve From Attentive Lawyers

Our lawyers are ready to help you with whatever your business redefining question you have. They are skilled and experienced and will show you total commitment to your case.

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